Member Groups

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The Groups page lists all Groups currently existing within an Organization.

About Member Groups

Groups are used to assign users to Projects and manage access privileges. Many times the only member Group you may need for an Organization is a Group consisting of all Organization Members. Other times it may be useful to divide large teams into Groups to segment them out to different parts of a large website or to designate smaller teams that will work on particular types of issues in a site.

Making a user a Member or Guest-viewer of a Project is a two-step process:

  1. The Organization Administrator creates a Group or Groups and assigns users to the Group or Groups.
  2. The Project Administrator then adds a Group or Groups to his or her Project(s).

Users can be assigned to more than one member Group within an Organization. Multiple Groups can be assigned to a Project within an Organization. The range of options for managing people in axe Monitor is quite flexible and powerful.

Managing Member Groups

to create a group, select the Create a group link to display a modal dialog that will allow the Organization Administrator to create a new member Group.

Note: If there are no existing member Groups, the following text will display on the Organization Administrator's Groups page: "There are no groups in the organization. Create a group."

Organization Administrator's Groups page - no existing Groups

When there are existing member Groups, the Groups page displays:

  1. A list of Groups existing in the Organization
  2. The Members of each Group
  3. The access privileges (Type) of each Group

Organization Administrator's Groups page

Organization Administrators can:

  • Select the Edit link to edit an existing Group
  • Select the Delete link to delete a Group. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the Group.
  • Select the Create Group link to create a new Group