Organization Project Testing Standards

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The Testing Standards Project Settings page shows a list of Available Standards options from which to select as the default to be used for the selected project (which may also include Custom Standards when enabled by the Organization Administrator. The default selection on this page sets the ruleset that is used for analyzing a project. Project Members (Users) are able to view these Standards, Project Administrators are able to change the current default for the Project, but only Organization Administrators are able to add, modify, or remove any custom standards.

The Testing Standards tabpanel of an Organization Project page showing the Available Standards section table

The Available Standards section is comprised of the following seven components:

  1. Current Default field: This is the default ruleset name for the project.

  2. Organization Default field: The ruleset standard set by the Org. Admin. to be the initial default for all projects within this organization.

  3. Default table column: Always corresponds to the Current Default field display above the table. The radio button circle with black dot indicates the Current Default until a different row is selected and the Save Default button is clicked.

  4. Name table column: The first line is the text that summarizes the purpose of the standard, and the second line under it displays either Stock or Custom.

  5. Options table column: Displays either Best Practice, Experimental, both or nothing, depending on whether or not either type of rule is included in the ruleset standard.

  6. Axe DevTools Version table column: The release version number of the axe DevTools ruleset that is included (associated) with the standard.

  7. Save Default button: Changes the Current Default setting for the Project after a different selection is made in the Default column.

    Note: When allowed by your Organization Administrator, you may see a table with a Default column displaying radio buttons for each standard row. When this is the case, you will see more than one Available Standard from which to select, along with a Save Default button. Otherwise, a message will appear that reads, 'The admin for the Quick Scan has enforced a default testing standard across all projects in the organization. To modify the default, contact the organization admin.' For complete instructions about how to change the default standard, see: Changing the Default Project Standard