Organization-Level Reports

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The Organization Reports page allows Organization Administrators to export a report to an Excel spreadsheet that shows the selected Project or Projects' accessibility score(s) and customize the report display. Only Organization Administrators are able to access this page.

The Organization Administrator's Reports page

Report Data

Use the Select all or Deselect all link, or check one or more individual Projects, to choose which Project or Projects to include in the Report.

Report Display

The Report Display section allows Organization Administrators to customize the report output including:

  • Number of months: Enter a number between 1 and 12.
  • Ending date: Use the date picker widget or enter a date manually.
  • Display: Choose whether the report displays:
    • The percent Score for each Project, OR
    • A color-coded Status for each Project: Selecting this option will open a slider tool to adjust the score ranges that correspond to each color (red, orange, yellow and green).

Select the Export button to export the report to an Excel spreadsheet. Follow your browser prompts to open or save the report file.