Project Dashboard

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When a Project has been successfully analyzed, either through scanning or through issues being uploaded from the axe DevTools extension, the Project Dashboard becomes populated with data that summarizes the issues found during analysis.

You can access the Project Dashboard through the Home page or the Dashboard drop down menu.

The Dashboard dropdown menu

Note: You may see the following messages if a Project does not yet contain issues:

  • Click "Go" to start the automated scan and analysis: the Project was created as a Custom Scan Project and the initial scan has not yet been run, OR
  • You do not have any scans created. You must either upload issues using the axe DevTools extension or create and start a scan to see a project report: the Project was created as a Use Extension Project and no issues have been uploaded from the axe DevTools extension.

The Project Report is composed of the following sections:

The Project Dashboard page

Project Report Actions

The Project Dashboard - action links

The top section of the Project Report page contains the following elements:

  1. Update now: Updates the Project Report data. You may need to Select Update now to refresh report data if any of the following has happened since you arrived at the report page: a scan has completed, manual issues have been entered, or issues have been uploaded from the axe Monitor extension.
  2. Show Potential Issues: By default, the Project Report only shows issues that are full Violations. Select Show potential issues to include Potential Violations in the report.
  3. Export to Excel: Export the Project Report to an Excel spreadsheet file. Follow your browser prompts to save the report.
  4. Share Report: If the Project Administrator has allowed read-only access to Project reports, this link will provide a URL that you can share with others to view this page directly.

Project Snapshot

The Project Dashboard - Project snapshot

  1. Date Range: Select a date range to filter the data displayed in the report.
  2. Practice: Choose the Practice for which you want to view data.
  3. Project Snapshot: A snapshot of the Project's status including:
    • Trend line: As the Project matures and issues are fixed or added, the trend line provides a graphical representation of the health of the Project. Click on the trend line to view a magnified version.
    • Score: The Project Score is based on issues and page health and is calculated this way:
      • Issues are categorized as Critical, Serious, Moderate or Minor.
      • Pages are categorized as Critical, Serious, Fair or Good based on the "worst" issue on the page. That is, if a page has one Critical issue, the page is Critical; one Serious issue, the page is Serious; one Moderate issue, the page is Fair; and if a page only contains Minor issues, it is Good.
      • The Project Score is based on Page categories and is calculated according the following formula:
        (0.4*p2 + 0.8*p1 + p0)/ TP
        p2 = number of Serious pages
        p1 = number of Fair pages
        p0 = number of Good pages
        TP=Total pages
      • In other words, axe Monitor gives 40% for a page that has Serious issues, 80% for a page that has Moderate issues, 100% for pages with only Minor issues, and 0% for pages having Critical issues. (Since axe Monitor gives 0% for pages with critical there is no p3 in the formula.)
    • Issues Per Page: The average number of issues per page is the total number of issue found divided by the total number of pages successfully scanned.
    • Total: The total number of pages successfully scanned.
    • Critical, Serious, Fair, Good: The number of pages that fall into each of those categories. Keep in mind that a Good page may not be a perfect page.

Each section of the report can be closed by selecting the Close this Section button (a box with a blue "X" in it) below the section. When you have closed a section or sections, a new link will appear in the top right corner of the Project Report page: show all sections. Select this link to open all sections you have closed.

Issue Assignments

The Project Dashboard - Issue Assignments link

Below the Project Snapshot is a link to View Issue Assignments.

Issues Tables

The Project Dashboard - Issue tables

Below the View Issue Assignments link are the Issue Tables:

  • Common Issues: Issues found in templates (scope definitions). Common issues are repeated across multiple pages but reported only once.
  • Automated Issues: Issues found during axe Monitor scans.

By default, issues within an issue table are grouped and sorted by issue Type such as: issues related to Alternative text, Color, Forms, Links, and so on. You can also sort the issue groups by: Standard, Priority, number of Issues, and Pages.

Issues Tables contain the following columns:

  • Grouping: The type of content in which the issue is found, whether it is a problem with Alternative Text, Color, Forms, Tables, Links, etc. Note: This column is sortable, and its header acts as a toggle to reverse the order in either ascending or descending alphabetical order.
  • Standard: Describes the specific WCAG Success Criterion, Section 508 provision or Quality standard depending on the Project Analysis Settings.
  • Priority: Describes issues as Critical, Serious, Moderate, and Minor.
  • Description: Select the Issue Help icon (blue circle with a white "i") to open a modal dialog which displays more detailed information about the issue including remediation hints and examples.
  • Issues: Select the number of issues link to view the Issues Report filtered for issues matching that Description.
  • Pages: Select the number of pages link to view the Pages Report filtered for pages that contain that issue Description.
  • % of Pages: Shows what percentage of pages are affected by this specific issue.

As with the Project Snapshot, the Issues Table can be closed by selecting the box with a blue "X" below the table.

Scans Table

The Project Dashboard - Scans table

Below the Issues tables is the Scans table. This table presents a list of all of the scans that relate to this Project. Select the View link to view the Recently Completed Tasks page. Start scan will start the scan all over again. Select Edit to edit the scan.

Status of Scanned Pages Table

The Project Dashboard - Status of scanned pages table

Finally, you will find the Status of Scanned Pages table which describes what happened during the last scan:

  • How many pages were successfully scanned
  • How many pages failed to be scanned and why
  • How many pages were ignored because they were on another domain
  • How many pages were scanned altogether

Select the link for the number of pages completed to view the Pages Report filtered by the pages that have the Completed status. The same goes for Failed and Other Domain Ignored.