Viewing Page Details

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Selecting a URL link on the Pages Report will open the corresponding Page Details page.

Page Details page - page information

This page provides details about the page itself as well as a list of all of the issues related to that page:

  • Page: The page URL.
  • Visit Page: This link opens the page in your browser. This a convenient way to examine the page with the axe DevTools extension in order to inspect issues, verify Violations and Potential Violations, add remediation notes and create manual issues.
  • Status: The page's scan status: Complete, Other Domain Ignored, Fetched, or Failed.
  • Number of Open Issues: The number of open issues in this page.
  • Number of Fixed Issues: The number of issues that have been fixed in this page.
  • Page content: The exact document source as analyzed by the scanner.

Below the page information are tables of Open, Fixed and Ignored issues for this page. Above the table is a dropdown menu that allows you to show issues for a particular Practice or All issues.

Page Details page - issues tables

The table shows the following information for each individual issue on the page:

  • Assigned to: Who the issue has been assigned to.
  • Label: Any label(s) assigned to the issue.
  • Description: A description of the Violation. Select this link to view the issue detail page for that particular issue. Select the Issue Help icon (represented by a blue circle with white "i") to view the additional information about the violation including remediation guidance.
  • Severity: Whether the issue is a Violation or Potential Violation.
  • Source code for element with issue: A snippet of source code for the issue. If the code snippet is too long for the cell, the code will become a link. Select this link to toggle on the full view of the code.
  • Tag type: The HTML tag type such as A, IMG, and so on.
  • Practice: Accessibility or Quality.