What is axe Monitor?

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Recognizing the labor intensive efforts required to audit and remediate websites and mobile applications for accessibility and the on-going efforts of maintaining the quality of the websites, Deque developed a suite of tools to assist organizations in ensuring the accessibility and quality of their websites and mobile applications. Collectively referred to as Deque's Enterprise Conformance Platform (ECP), this suite of products that fall under the Deque Tools banner, include:

  • Axe DevTools HTML: An automated testing toolkit that can be integrated into your development framework and testing environment.
  • Axe DevTools iOS & Android: Incorporation of automated accessibility testing analysis into the mobile application development and implementation phase of your native iOS and Android app development process.
  • **Axe Auditor:**A guided manual testing application for QA teams to organize and optimize testing, tracking, and reporting.
  • Axe DevTools extension: An in-browser accessibility analysis tool that is an integrated component of both axe DevTools and axe Monitor.

Other Deque products include:

  • Amaze: A revolutionary new approach to making web sites accessible by applying accessibility overlays to make inaccessible web content accessible - without having to reprogram a single line of source code. Ideal for urgent remediation needs.
  • aXe: An open-source JavaScript accessibility rules library available as a GitHub repository, browser plugin, or framework integration.

The Axe DevTools extension and axe Monitor products work together, although each can be used independently. They both have the capacity to test the following web content formats and delivery methods: Static text-based content (HTML/XHTML); Dynamic server side scripts (ASP.NET, JSP, PHP); Client Side Scripting (JavaScript, VB Script); Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); Dynamic textual content (XML/XSLT); and PDF content.

Axe Monitor is an enterprise-strength, server-based accessibility analysis and management tool which automatically scans web content and identifies violations of accessibility compliance (Section 508 and WCAG 2.0) and quality guidelines. It produces detailed, actionable reports and clear summary data on its findings. Axe Monitor facilitates accessibility analysis, remediation, and management of an entire organization's web and mobile assets. Axe Monitor performs on-demand or scheduled automated scans of an organization's web assets for accessibility against a customizable selection of W3C's WCAG success criteria and Section 508 requirements. It also provides the ability to develop completely custom rules or standards tailored exactly to an organization's needs. The number of pages that can be scanned by axe Monitor is unlimited provided that the backend databases have the required disk space. Web assets can be broken into logical chunks based on the target audience, type (internet, extranet or intranet), or any other criteria, and the logical segments can become individual Projects within axe Monitor.

As a result of Deque's relentless focus on automation and helping developers, axe Monitor has provided tools that have the capability to:

  • Crawl and analyze highly dynamic content and handle complex events
  • Simulate assistive technologies in browser plug-ins so developers can perform unit testing while staying in the development flow
  • Handle use-case based testing with the ability to record and replay scripts
  • Provide noise-free reports with high-confidence in the errors reported
  • Provide issue management and extensive remediation guidance so that progress can be made towards fixing the code
  • Provide memory across sessions so that “ignored” issues do not surface again
  • Provide easy-to-use and robust template capabilities so that issues arising from common code are not reported multiple times.