What is the axe Devtools Browser Extension?

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The axe DevTools browser extension (for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) is the fourth generation of Deque's popular web accessibility checking tool that works within the web browser (as of v.6.2 replacing the former FireEyes II extension for Mozilla Firefox). It provides developers, content authors, and QA testers with the ability to check web pages for accessibility issues, and to get expert help to solve them, while providing additional functionality (some of which is enabled by a Comply connection) as compared with Deque's open-source extension and accessibility rules engine, aXe.

Example of the new user interface of the Analyze pane of the axe DevTools extension in Chrome

It is integrated with Deque's enterprise accessibility conformance suite, Deque Tools, which includes the axe DevTools, axe Auditor, and axe Monitor products that collectively represent the most powerful accessibility software suite available.

Axe Monitor users can upload issues and scripts from the axe DevTools extension to axe Monitor, or download issues and scripts from axe Monitor to the axe DevTools extension. Additionally, the axe DevTools extension provides Deque University clients with the ability to take advantage of enhanced, premium accessibility rule information and violation remediation advice in axe DevTools.

User Guide

For comprehensive information about how to download, install, configure, and use the axe DevTools for Chrome browser extension, refer to the Axe DevTools Browser Extension User Guide.