Activating an Inactive Standard

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Activate an inactive standard when you want to be able to edit it, make it the new default, and/or make it available to be selected for a project.

To activate an inactive standard:

  1. In the Actions column of the Inactive Standards table, click the Activate link within the row of the standard you want to activate. clicking the Activate link in the Actions column of the Inactive Standards table

    A confirmation prompt appears in a pop-up window.

  2. At the confirmation prompt, click the Activate Standard button (or Cancel if unsure). clicking the Activate Standard button on the confirmation popup window

    The prompt popup closes and the row is removed from the Inactive table, and added to the Active Standards table.

    showing the row removed from the inactive table and added to the Active table

It is now possible to make the newly-activated standard the default for the Organization. For complete details, see Changing the Default Standard.