Changing the axe DevTools Version(s) Support

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Use the Testing Standards panel of the System Settings page when you want to change which versions of the axe DevTools automated accessibility rule sets are supported.

All custom or stock standards in the projects and organizations on this system will only be able to use supported versions of axe DevTools.

Before you begin, you may want to review the Release Notes for each rule set version. For complete details, see Viewing the Release Notes of an axe DevTools Version.

To change the testing standards system settings:

  1. In the Supported column of the Testing Standards System Settings table, select and/or deselect the checkbox(es) to specify the versions you want to be supported.

    A checkmark appearing within a checkbox indicates the version is selected to be supported upon save.

  2. At the bottom, left of the page, click the Save button. Changing checkbox selections in the Supported column, then clicking the Save button

    A system response message appears to notify you of the successful completion of the requested change.

    Example of the 'Saving Successfully' message

    The changes you've made now become available for selection when creating standards that will use these versions.