Changing the Default Standard

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When you want to specify a different standard than the current one to be the one that is set by default when creating a new scan for a project, you can do so by selecting a different option and saving the change. This makes a particular set of active rules (whether stock or custom) the default for automated accessibility scanning for any new project within the selected organization.

Related Topic: This topic covers changing the default standard for the entire organization. When enabled, the default standard can also be changed for a specific project. For complete instructions, see Changing the Default Project Standard.

Custom Standards Note:

The Organization Administrator for the currently-selected Organization has the ability to change the default to either a custom or stock set of rules (which itself may also include a stock ruleset). For more information, see Adding a Custom Standard.

To change the default standard for the selected organization:

  1. In the Default column of the Available Standards table, click the radio button within the desired standard row.

  2. Click the Save Default button.

    The Current Default field changes to display your selection (for example, Section 508), and its corresponding row in the table shows the Default column option selected and no Actions available in the Actions column.

    Future scans set up for this organization will now scan against this ruleset standard by default.