Creating a Page Manually

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To add manual issues to a page that does not already appear in the Pages Report, you must first manually add that page to the Project. Select the Create Page link at the top right corner of the Pages Report to access the Create Page page.

Create a manual page

Complete the following fields:

  • Page URL: The URL of the page to add to the Pages Report
  • Fetch page content: Check this box to have axe Monitor copy the page's content when it scans the page during the automatic analysis triggered on page creation. This will disable the next option.
  • Page HTML content: Manually copy the page's HTML into this edit box instead of having axe Monitor fetch it (see above).
  • Save Issues: (default) If checked, axe Monitor will retain all issues discovered during the automatic analysis triggered on page creation. If unchecked, these issues will not be retained in the Issues Report.
  • Label(s): (required if saving the issues) Enter one or more labels to be assigned to issues related to this page.

Select the Create button to create the new page.

Creating the new page will cause axe Monitor to analyze the page's content according to the settings chosen in this form. When analysis is complete, axe Monitor will display the Page Upload and Analysis Summary page.

You may now add manual issues against this page and the page will be made available for future testing during automated scans.