Editing a Member Group

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Organization Administrators can edit an existing member Group by selecting the Edit link on the Groups page.

You can edit the following member Group information:

Organization Administrator's Edit Group page

  1. The Group name.

  2. The Type of Group privileges: The Member group type gives users access to all non-Administrator functions of axe Monitor, and the Guest group type limits user access to a read-only view of axe Monitor.

    Add Members dialog

  3. Add Group Members: Select the Add button to add users to the Group. In the resulting modal dialog you can:

    • Search for existing users by typing an email address in the Search edit box, OR
    • Select existing users from the Select users box, OR
    • Invite users by typing an email address in the Invite users edit box. When you invite a user, they will receive an email with a link to join axe Monitor. Once they have registered with axe Monitor, they will be added to this Group.
    • Select the Add button to add the new user(s) to the Group.
  4. Remove Group Members: Select the Member name in the Members box and select the Remove button.

Select the Save button to save your edits.

Organization Administrators Edit Group page - remove a member