Viewing or Modifying Issue Details

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Selecting the Issue Description link for an individual issue in the Issue Report will open the corresponding Issue Detail page.

Issue Details page

The Issue Detail page allows you to view, modify, and add many details about the issue including:

  • Date created: The date and time the issue was created.
  • Practice: Accessibility or Quality.
  • Issue description: A text description of the issue and standard violated. Next to the Description is a Help icon (represented as a blue circle with a white "i"). Select the help icon to view remediation guidance for the issue.
  • Severity: Violation, Potential Violation, Pass or N/A (editable).
  • Issue comments: Comments added to the issue record (editable).
  • Suggested remediation: Notes added to the issue record that provide directions to developers on how to remediate the issue (editable).
  • Page: The URL of the page on which the issue was found.
  • View Page Details: A link to the Page Details page.
  • Element: The HTML tag type.
  • Element Selector: The CSS selector of this specific element.
  • Element source code: The snippet of code found to be in violation.
  • Status: The status of the issue: Open, Fixed, or Ignored (editable).
    • Open: (default) Indicates the issue needs to be resolved.
    • Fixed: Indicates the issue has been fixed or remediated in the code. If the issue is marked as Fixed but isn't really fixed, when the page is re-analyzed the issue will be marked as Open again.
    • Ignored: Scenarios where an issue may be marked as Ignored include:
      1. The issue may be a real issue, but you want to ignore it for the time being because it is part of a different effort or will be addressed in a later phase.
      2. The issue may be a false positive or you do not intend to address it at all. If the issue is deleted, when the page is re-analyzed the issue will be added to the issue list again and marked as Open. To avoid this, mark the issue as Ignored.
  • Assigned to: Who the issue has been assigned to (editable).
  • Labels: Any labels that have been assigned to the issue (editable).

Select the Save button to save modifications to these fields.