Creating a New Organization

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Only System Administrators can create or delete an Organization.

If the system has no existing Organizations, the following text will display on the System Administrator's Organizations page: "There are no organizations within the system. Create an organization." Select the Create an organization link to go to the Create Organization page.

Otherwise, select the Create Organization link in the upper right corner of the System Administrator's Organizations page to create a new Organization. This will also direct you to the Create Organization page.

On the Create Organization page enter the following information:

The System Administrator's Create Organization page

  • Organization Name
  • Description: (optional)
  • The Add Adninistrators dialogAdministrators: (required) Select the Add button to designate at least one Organization Administrator. In the resulting modal dialog you can:
    • Search for existing users by typing an email address in the Search edit box, OR
    • Select existing users from the Select users box, OR
    • Invite users by typing an email address in the Invite users edit box. When you invite a user, they will receive an email with a link to join axe Monitor. Once they have registered with axe Monitor, they will become an Organization Administrator of this Organization.
    • Select the Add button to add the new Organization Administrator(s).
  • Primary Email Domain: (optional) The domain is used to make suggestions for Group members and Organization and Project Administrators.
  • Practices: Choose the Practice(s) to apply to this Organization: Accessibility and / or Quality.
  • Allow read-only report access: Determine whether or not read-only report access will be enabled for the Organization and its Projects.

Select the Create button to create the Organization.