Organization Dashboard

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The Organization Dashboard displays an overview of all of the Projects of which you are an Administrator or Member in a particular Organization.

The Organization Dashboard provides the ability to drill down into the Project Dashboard for each individual Project.

Access the Organization Dashboard via the Dashboard dropdown menu in the axe Monitor toolbar or from the Quick Links on the Home page.

Organization Dashboard

  1. Date Range: Filter the date range for the Dashboard data by editing the dates in the date edit box.
  2. Show potential issues: By default, the dashboard data is based upon items which are Violations only. Statistics on Potential Violations are not shown in the Dashboard by default. Potential Violations are those issues which axe Monitor flags, but require humans to review to determine if they are in fact an error. To include Potential Violations the dashboard data, select the Show potential issues link.
  3. Practice: Select either Accessibility or Quality to display dashboard data for that Practice.
  4. Name: The name of the Organization, and below that, each of its Projects. Each Project Name is a link to its Project Dashboard.
  5. Total Pages: The total number of pages that have been analyzed as part of a scan for that Organization and each of your Projects.
  6. Score: The Organization Score is calculated this way:
    • Issues are categorized as Critical, Serious, Moderate or Minor.
    • Pages are categorized as Critical, Serious, Fair or Good based on the "worst" issue on the page. That is, if a page has one Critical issue, the page is Critical; one Serious issue, the page is Serious; one Moderate issue, the page is Fair; and if a page only contains Minor issues, it is Good.
    • The Project Score is based on Page categories and is calculated according the following formula:
      (0.4*p2 + 0.8*p1 + p0)/ TP
      p2 = number of Serious pages
      p1 = number of Fair pages
      p0 = number of Good pages
      TP=Total pages
      In other words, axe Monitor gives 40% for a page that has Serious issues, 80% for a page that has Moderate issues, 100% for pages with only Minor issues, and 0% for pages having Critical issues. (Since axe Monitor gives 0% for pages with critical there is no p3 in the formula.)
    • The Organization Score is based on weighted calculations taking into account Project Scores and Project size.
  7. Trend: A line chart showing the Accessibility or Quality score over time.
  8. Common Issues: The number of issues identified in templates across your Projects.