Release Summary

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New Features

  • Redesigned Scan Scheduler

  • Simplified the scheduler screens

  • Added the ability to configure start time for scans

  • Schedule times utilize the browser time-zone

  • Added scan summary

  • Project drop-down has been divided into organization and project drop-downs, with the ability to view all organizations/projects without an additional step

  • For SaaS customers, a new setting is available for the Projects to share data with axe Reports

  • System Administrators can now add additional system administrators through User management

  • Issues table includes a new column for when the issue was identified


  • Coming soon


  • Added accessibility enhancements to a few confirmation dialogs
  • Updated references to Attest and Fireeyes with axe Expert
  • Removed the disabled 'Start Scan' control for guest users

General Improvements

  • Includes latest axe-core versions (up to v4.1.1)
  • Added support for MySQL 8.0 and SQL Server 2019
  • Added feature to export scan settings to provide improved support capabilities
  • Ability to export project settings for support logs

Removal of Feature

  • The issue tracker option has been removed from Project Settings. This was a non-functional menu. We are evaluating a more encompassing solution for issue exports in upcoming releases
  • The ‘Create Page’ option has been removed from the ‘Pages’ screen. It was a deprecated function that was made redundant by the ability to upload issues from axe Expert extension

Past Releases


New Features

  • For SaaS customers, enterprise reporting (Axe Reports) is now available for axe Monitor.
  • Rebranding from Worldspace Comply to axe Monitor
  • Added a new color theme to the navigation tabs to align with the new color scheme for Deque products
  • For SaaS customers, Axe Reports and Axe Monitor are now available to work with Deque's Single Sign On service
  • Added the Ability to create new Projects from Projects List View in Organization Settings
  • Time on the system is now displayed in your local timezone. The application will display time in the time zone that your browser uses.
  • Accuracy for accessibility score has been enhanced to 2 decimal places


  • JQuery version upgraded to 3.5.1 addressing CVE-2015-9251
  • 22 other CVEs resolved


  • Issues/byScan API were returning an issue with the impact of 'good'. This was changed so these impact violations will properly return an impact of minor, not good.
  • Fixed issue with the Export to Excel link not working, when you share the report.
  • Fixed Scans that were failing with 'Other Domain Ignored'
  • Fixed encoding error on URLs where scan settings include specific text in MustHaveAny setting.
  • URL contains filter now filters on the base domain of the URL in addition to the additional sections
  • Testing standards release notes link points to the correct repository on github

General Improvements

  • Various performance improvements leading to significant gain in scan capacity per hour.
  • Enabled bulk import for LDAP users for installations supporting SSO functionality
  • Split the User ‘Full Name’ into ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’ fields on Create User and Edit User pages.
  • Simplified ‘My Account’ page by removing unused fields for: Bio, Photo, Homepage, Country
  • On the Scan Settings page, you don’t have to scroll down to activate the edit option. Scan settings page is now editable as soon as you navigate to it
  • Added Sort options for the table on System→ Scan Activity page
  • We removed an extra navigation layer under the Scan Settings. It had sub options of ‘Currently Running Tasks’, ‘Next Tasks’ and ‘Last 24 Hours’. These options are redundant since these data points are on the Scan Activity Page.


New Features

  • Added the ability for axe Monitor Admins to upgrade their axe-core version and get the benefits of upgrading to the latest axe-core ruleset without having to upgrade their current axe Monitor installation
  • Added issue priority on the Issue Details page to make it easier to see at an individual issue level
  • Added the axe core ruleset used in the scan on the Issue Details for additional clarity at the individual issue detail level
  • Enhanced scanning logic to handle redirected urls. Now the redirected pages will be tested against the include/exclude rules


  • Centralized the password management function and removed unencrypted passwords
  • 26 CVEs resolved


  • Fixed bug that was removing single backslashes when defining a Page Group using a single Regular Expression
  • On the Issue Details page, any changes made to the Issue Severity ("Violation", "Pass", "Potential Violation", etc.) will be preserved when the same issue is identified in future scans
  • Addressed a bug that was causing 'Minor' issues to be reported as 'Moderate' priority issues in certain conditions
  • Added additional Japanese localisation for Issue Group Names, Issue Priority options, and 'Unassigned' option

General Improvements

  • Added enhancements to check for invalid urls that, in certain situations, led to incomplete scans
  • Removed the redundant 'Export to Excel' option from Issues page. This is replaced by 'Export' option
  • Updated Installer to include SAML and LDAP configuration options