Sharing Organization Settings with Projects

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Organization Administrators can share specific Organization Settings with individual Projects within the Organization.

To share Organization Settings with specific Organization Project(s), select the Share Organization Settings link in the upper right corner of the General Organization Settings page.

The Share Organization Settings page provides the following options:

Organization Administrator's Share Organization Settings page

  • Do not share organization settings: Organization Settings will not flow down to any Organization Projects.

  • Share organization settings: (default) Allows you to choose which Settings to share and which Projects to share them with by checking the desired checkbox(es):

    • Settings:
      • Domains
      • Page Groups
      • Scan Settings
      • Scope Definitions
      • Use Case Scripts
    • Projects: Select the Select all link to select all Projects or select individual Projects by checking the desired checkbox(es).

    Select the Apply button to apply the chosen Settings to the chosen Project(s).


    1. Please wait for the progress bar at the bottom of the page to indicate that the settings have been synced with each chosen Project before continuing.
    2. When changes are made to Organization Settings after sharing the settings, to make those updates available to Project Administrators you must go to the Share Organization Settings page and select the Apply button once you are finished with your changes.