Project Settings Toolbar

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To navigate to the Project Settings Toolbar, Select Settings and Project

Project Settings Toolbar - Organization Projects

Organization Project settings toolbar

The Project Settings toolbar for Organization Projects includes the following elements from left to right:

  • General: Link to the General Project Settings page.
  • Users: Manage Project user access privileges.
  • Testing Standards: Select from available ruleset standard(s) for selected project use.
  • Scan Settings: Determine what pages are included or excluded from a scan.
  • Page Groups: Define Page Groups to segment distinct logical portions of a larger Project into smaller groups.
  • Domains: Place bounds on where the axe Monitor scan goes as it follows links on pages.
  • Scripts: View use case scripts created in the axe DevTools extension for use in Project analysis.
  • Scope Definitions: View scope definitions created in the axe DevTools extension and used to identify issues found in portions of pages that are common across multiple pages, such as the header, footer and navigation areas.