Passwords and Account Activation

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To edit, deactivate or activate an existing axe Monitor user, select the Edit link next to a user's name on the Users page.

The Edit User page allows the System Administrator to modify user information, including resetting their password and activating or deactivating a user account.

System Administrator's Edit User page

Modify User Account Information

Edit information in the following fields:

  • Full Name: Accepts alphanumeric characters, numbers and symbols
  • Password: Accepts alphanumeric characters, numbers and symbols
  • Confirm Password

Select the Save button to save the edits.

Activate or Deactivate a User

To activate a deactivated user or deactivate an activated user:

  1. Select the Deactivate account link or Activate account link in the upper right corner of the Edit User page.
  2. Confirm your choice to deactivate or activate the user in the resulting modal dialog.