User Roles

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System Administrator:

This user role is responsible for the entire axe Monitor Enterprise server. This user creates Organizations and designates Organization Administrators to manage those Organizations.  The System Administrator user role does not have the ability to participate in an Organization’s Projects. The number of system administrators for an enterprise should generally be limited to no more than three. Usually one individual and an alternate may be designated with this role. To add a person as a system administrator, send a request to with the name and contact information for the person including their email address

Organization Administrator:

This user role is responsible for managing a specific Organization within the Enterprise.  This user role is designated at the Organization level and users may be an Administrator of one Organization but only a Project Member in another.  The Organization Administrator sets the standards used within the Organization, designates additional Organization Administrators, creates membership Groups to add Project Members to Projects, and issues invitations to Users to become Members of a Project within their Organization. 

Project Administrator:

This user role controls the Project Settings, Scan Settings and so on for a specific Project.  When a User creates a Project they become the Project Administrator for that Project by default.  Project Administrators can designate additional Project Administrators and control Project Members and Guests by adding or deleting membership Groups.

Project Member:

A user that has been invited to a join an Organization Project by the appropriate Administrator, Project Members have access only to content under the specific Project(s) of which they are a Member.  Project Members can view Organization and Project settings but cannot modify them.  Project Members can run scans and view and manipulate Project data.

Guest User:

A Guest user can view all screens in an axe Monitor Project but cannot modify or delete data.

Read-only User:

A user that has been given access to view one specific Project report page.