Viewing a List of Existing Project Scans

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The Scans page lists each scan created for a Project.

Viewing a list of Project scans on the Scans page

The page provides the following information:

  • Scan Name
  • Priority: The default level is Medium.
  • Scan Level: How many layers deep in the site structure the scan will go.
  • Status
  • Actions: Actions will change depending on the scan's current Status and the user's role.

Typical Actions you may encounter in the Actions column are:

  • Edit: Provides the ability to edit the scan.
  • View: Takes you to the Recently Completed Tasks screen.
  • Start Scan: Initiates the scan using the existing settings.
  • Cancel: Cancels a running scan.
  • Resume Scan: Resumes a scan that has been interrupted.
  • Schedule: Provides the ability to schedule a scan to take place in the future.

Project Administrators can create a new scan (spider job) from this page by selecting the Add Scan button at the bottom of the page.