What's New in 1.11

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What’s New

New Release Banner

When a user logs into axe Reports for the first time following a new release, a banner with the following message is displayed - "A new version of axe Reports has been released since your last visit. Check out what's new." with a link directing users to the release notes section for further details.

New Release Banner

Scheduled Downtime Banner

When a user logs into axe Reports, a banner is displayed containing a message notifying them of any scheduled downtime, ensuring they stay informed and prepared.

Scheduled Downtime Banner

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple A11y bugs were fixed to help ensure a more inclusive and accessible user experience. Some of the issues fixed were:
    • Content overlap issues were fixed.
    • Horizontal scrolling issues were fixed.
    • Keyboard focus now remains stable and consistent, unaffected by user interaction or content updates.
    • Dimensions can now be moved using a single-pointer or a single-touch method, along with the dragging action.
  • Group names now have a 40-character limit for a more readable user experience.
  • Previously, less common categories in axe Auditor were not displayed in axe Reports. Issues from these categories in axe Auditor are now grouped under "Others" in axe Reports, making chart browsing more user-friendly.

Known Issues

  • Currently, when there's information from more than 66 projects to display on the "Issues by Category" chart in the Accessibility Health Chart section for axe Monitor, users encounter a blank page.

Browser/Driver Support

  • Axe Reports has been tested and is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.