Delete Audit Data

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Axe Reports provides the administrators with the ability to delete unwanted audit data from the system. This may be needed in very few cases where incomplete or invalid data was imported from the source system.

In order to delete audit data from axe Reports:

  1. Login to axe Reports as the administrator, and navigate to Configure >> Audit Data. Ensure that the product is selected as axe Auditor.

Audit Data screen with the list of audits for a single test case displayed 2. Use the available filters to find the list of target test cases/audits that you want to delete. Filters on the Audit Data screen for Start Date, End Date, Project name

  • Start Date: When provided, filters audits that were imported on or after the chosen date.

  • End Date: When provided, filters audits that were imported on or before the chosen date.

  • Test Case name: When provided, filters the list of audits for the chosen test case.

  • Reset Filters: Use the Reset filters option to clear the filters at one go, instead of manually clearing the selected options to see the default view of the table.

    The applicable audit data is now visible on the screen. The active filters are displayed, and you can remove the filters using the close button. To clear all applicable filters at one go, use the Clear filters link.

  1. Navigate to the audit data or test case to be removed by using the page controls at the bottom of the Manage Data table.
  2. For the chosen audit data, activate the ‘Delete’ button.

Activate delete button for the audit to be removed from the list of audit data 5. Confirm the delete action in the pop up that appears. delete popover appears on activation of the delete button with yes and no controls. Message: 'Once you delete audit data, there is no going back. Please be certain.'