Deleting Test Cases

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Once you have configured your test cases, administrators can use the Manage Test Cases page to view, edit, and delete the configured test cases, and update defined dimensions.

To delete a Test Case:

  1. Select the Manage Test Cases option from under the Configure section on the left hand corner of the screen.

    delete testcase1

  2. In the Configure screen that appears, to delete the test case from the list of configured test cases, activate the Delete button (bin icon) under Actions column on the table for the test case you want to delete.

    Managing existing test cases in the Organization.

    A confirmation message pops up informing the user that all associated audit data of the test case also get deleted along with the test case. If you want to continue to delete the test case, use the Yes button. This deletes the test case along with all the associated audit data.

    Deleting existing test cases in the Organization.

To edit an existing test case, activate the Edit button under the Actions column. This brings up the Edit Test Case wizard where you can edit the test case details. To know more, read the topic, Edit Test Cases.