Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a 'Dimension'?

Dimensions are the ‘building blocks’ or the units are that you want in your report for trending, comparison and analysis. And as building blocks you start from the ground up, defining the lowest levels you want to drill down to first and subsequently building up, and creating your roll up structure. For optimal presentation of the data limit your structure to no more than 6 dimensions. More than this can create confusion and graphs that are too cluttered.

How can I get administrator access to axe Reports?

Please contact to get administrator access for your organization.

What changes do I need to make if my organization has gone through a re-org?

To reflect the new organization structure on axe Reports, please reconfigure the project dimensions in alignment with your re-org.

What happens to the data once I delete a project from the active list of projects configured for axe Reports?

Once a project is deleted, all associated scans of the project also get deleted along with the project.

Who should I contact, in case of any questions or to report any issues?

Please contact in case of any questions or to report any issues.

How do I use the user management functionality within the axe Account Portal that allows one to add or remove users online and add multiple admins to help manage my account?

Please contact to take advantage of this functionality and manage your axe DevTools users online.

How do I access axe Reports from axe Monitor?

If you share the Axe Monitor project with users in your Organization using the 'Share Report' link on the Projects, Pages, or Issues Tabs in axe Monitor, the link takes the users to the axe Monitor sign in page. Axe Monitor users can only access axe Reports if they have an active account in axe Monitor and if not, they see the following error message. Access error message