Outcome Reports

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Outcome Reports helps you in visualizing data capabilities to spot trends and perform drill down analyses of your organization's accessibility data. 

Accessibility Score

Accessibility Score displays the calculated percentage number. At the project/script level, this is a weighted average of all properties of the project/script. At rolled up levels, it is the average (arithmetic mean) of all dimensions rolling up to this level.

It is based on issues and page health, and is calculated this way:

  • Issues are categorized as Critical, Serious, Moderate or Minor.

  • Pages are categorized as Critical, Serious, Fair or Good based on the 'worst' issue on the page. That is, if a page has at least one Critical issue, the page is Critical; at least one Serious issue, the page is Serious; at least one Moderate issue, the page is Fair; and if a page only contains Minor issues or no issues, it is Good.

  • The Score is based on Page categories and is calculated according to the following formula:
    (0.4p2 + 0.8p1 + p0)/ TP

    p2 = number of Serious pages
    p1 = number of Fair pages
    p0 = number of Good pages
    TP = Total pages

Total Issues

This comprises the total count of accessibility violations found at the currently selected hierarchy level.

Pages with Issues

This comprises the total number of pages where any accessibility violation was reported.

Pages with Critical Issues

This comprises the total number of pages where at least one Critical accessibility violation was reported.


The Outcome Reports comprise the score trend, the accessibility health which is snapshot at a period of time by various categories, categories and then issues by period which compares the last three periods (monthly, weekly, and daily).