What's New in 1.10

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What’s New

Integration of axe Reports and axe Auditor

Axe Report’s integration with axe Auditor (available from axe Auditor version 2.18) provides you with the ability to generate meaningful and comprehensive executive reports.

Score Trend

Note: To enable this integration and its functionalities, adjustments to system settings are required during the initial installation of axe Auditor. These settings are applied universally across the enterprise. Once installed and on completion of a test run, axe Auditor seamlessly transmits the updated data to axe Reports.

New Auditor Drop-down in the Product selector.

A new drop-down in the Product Selector for axe Auditor has now been introduced for users to work with test case data updated in axe Reports from axe Auditor.

Drop-down for axe Auditor

Manage Test Cases Screen

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple A11y bugs were fixed to help ensure a more inclusive and accessible user experience. Some of the issues fixed were:
    • Color contrast issues in "Usage by Month chart" were fixed.
    • At times, screen reader users were not being notified about events such as a web page initiating an interstitial view, activating a progress indicator, or transitioning into a paused or busy state.
  • This release includes fixes that increase efficiency and improve product integration of axe Reports with axe Monitor.
  • Sorting the Accessibility Health Scores table led to random sorting instead of the intended behavior of sorting in either ascending or descending order.
  • Setting up extensive data for axe Monitor in axe Reports caused significant delays or slowness in loading projects and data. This issue has now been resolved, and data loading is swift and responsive.
  • Previously, users could upload empty dimensions via axe DevTools using CLI, resulting in accessibility issues in axe Reports. This issue is now fixed, and axe Reports presents an error when users attempt to upload empty dimensions.

Known Issues

  • Currently, when there's information from more than 66 projects to display on the "Issues by Category" chart in the Accessibility Health Chart section for axe Monitor, users encounter a blank page.

Browser/Driver Support

  • Axe Reports has been tested and is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.