What's New in 1.12

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What’s New

Integration of axe Reports and axe DevTools for Mobile

Axe Report’s integration with axe DevTools for Mobile provides you with the ability to generate a usage by month chart. Get insight into how frequently your engineers are using axe DevTools for Mobile to test accessibility on your mobile apps.

Select axe DevTools for Mobile from the Product dowpdown, and select a date range to show unique users & product components tested.

Usage by Month

Dropdown for axe DevTools for Mobile

Renamed axe DevTools Dropdown to axe DevTools for Web in the Product Selector.

The dropdown option “axe DevTools” in the product selector has been renamed to “axe DevTools for Web.” This change helps users differentiate between the Mobile and Web reports.

Dropdown for axe DevTools for Mobile

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple A11y bugs were fixed to help ensure a more inclusive and accessible user experience. One of the issues fixed included a color contrast issue (WCAG failure).
  • The default Date Range filter settings were incorrect. This has been fixed, and now the Roll Up Data and Date Period display the correct default values of "Monthly" and "Last 12 months".
  • The issue of two projects with identical names being incorrectly imported from axe Monitor into axe Reports has been fixed.
  • When a user sorted on a field, navigated to the next page, and then sorted on the field again, the users were not returned to the first page as expected. This is now fixed, and after sorting on a field again, the first page is displayed again.

Known Issues

  • Currently, when there's information from more than 66 projects to display on the "Issues by Category" chart in the Accessibility Health Chart section for axe Monitor, users encounter a blank page.

Browser/Driver Support

  • Axe Reports has been tested and is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.