What's New in 1.3

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  • Ability to provide ‘Display Names’ for axe Monitor projects and axe DevTools scripts

    Axe Reports administrators can now provide a custom ‘Display Name’ for all projects and scripts. You can provide a brief display name in axe Reports while keeping a more descriptive name in the source system (axe Monitor and axe DevTools HTML).

  • Redesigned Filter on Scan Data Page with Clear Filter Option

    The Filter option on the Manage Scans Page is now a dialog box for easy management while trying to filter data. With the redesign you can also clear the filters at one go, instead of manually clearing the selected options to see the default view of the table.

  • Maximum number of dimensions for a configured project or script

    Existing project dimensions can be edited/reordered without needing to remove the already associated dimensions. The redesigned flow helps easily reorder dimensions. These changes can also be retroactively applied to previously imported data for this project.

Bug Fixes

  • The focus indicator on axe Reports Product tab was using a pink line instead of a white line. This didn’t meet WCAG requirements, and has now been fixed.

  • The accessibility score chart allowed the user to view more than 30 data points at one point. The dates overlapped with each other when there are more than 30 data points on the accessibility score chart. This has now been fixed, and a user can view a maximum of 15 data points at one time.

  • Inactive projects are excluded from the Issues by Severity, Pages with Issues, and Issues by Category chart, if scans are missing for these projects for the latest period in the selected ‘Roll-up’ frequency.

Supported Environments

  • Axe Reports Version: v1.3.0

  • Operating System: CentOS 7.x

  • Database: MySQL 8.0