Scanning Individual Compose Elements using Test Tags

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Test Tags are provided by Jetpack Compose to attach a unique identifier to a composable. The testTag string can be passed to the axe-devtools-android library to scan that specific compose element. This example highlights the use of the setTestTag(params) API available in axe DevTools Mobile with Compose. When utilizing the AxeDevToolsCompose object in UITests with the setTestTag API, the compose element with the marked test tag string can be tested. The setTestTag API can also be used when the No View initialized, did you call AxeDevToolsCompose.setComposeTestRule()? error is encountered while scanning.

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Below is an example of the AxeDevToolsCompose object in an Espresso test when utilizing the setTestTag API.

Complete Example

Set the test tag of the composable to be tested.

fun AlertBox() {
   val openDialog = remember { mutableStateOf(true)  }
       modifier = Modifier.semantics { testTag = "customDialog" },
       onDismissRequest = {
           openDialog.value = false
       title = {
           Text(text = "Dialog Title Will Show Here")
       text = {
           Text("Here is a description text of the dialog")
       }, ...

Use the same test tag string to scan the compose element.

class EmptyComposeRuleAPITest {
    val composeEmptyTestRule = createEmptyComposeRule()

    private lateinit var activity: ComponentActivity

    lateinit var scenario: ActivityScenario<ComponentActivity>

    companion object {
        val axe = AxeDevToolsCompose()

        init {

    fun setup() {
        scenario = ActivityScenario.launch(
        scenario.onActivity { activity ->
            this.activity = activity
            activity.setContent {
        composeEmptyTestRule.mainClock.autoAdvance = false

    fun doGenericScan() {
        axe.setEmptyComposeTestRule(composeEmptyTestRule, activity)