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Below is a full example of getting started with axe DevTools testing with UIAutomator. Be sure to checkout the Android SDK features section for everything you can customize in your accessibility tests with axe DevTools Mobile.

class ExampleInstrumentedTestWithAccessibility : Utils {
    val axe = AxeDevtools()

    fun setup() {
        // Authenticate and initiate your axe object for testing.

    fun allyScan() {
        // At any point within your automated tests, initiate a scan. 
        // You may check the results locally, or push to the dashboard for further collaboration and analysis.
        val scanResultHandler = axe.scan()

        //Option 1. Upload it to the dashboard

        //Option 2. Using the results in your test suite
        val result: AxeResult? = scanResultHandler?.getSerializedResult()
        result?.axeRuleResults?.forEach { result ->
            if(result.status == AxeStatus.FAIL) {


        //Option 3. Save the result JSON to a local file for later use