How to Update axe DevTools Mobile for Android

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Stay up to date with the latest version for comprehensive accessibility testing for Android applications.

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It's important to regularly update axe DevTools Mobile for Android to ensure you have the latest rules and features. It does not automatically update, so be sure to periodically check for a new version. We release updates about once per month and communicate the release via email and the release notes page.

How to Check the Version You're Using

In the application's build.gradle file, look for The version will be referenced directly after. Example:

You can always review the latest versions available in Latest Downloads and get more insight on any changes from the Release Notes.

Update to the Latest Version

Updating to the latest version of the rule engine is quick and easy. To get started, find the version number you'd like to update to, from latest downloads or release notes links above - then change the version number referenced in the applications build.gradle file:, where x.x.x is the new version number.

Please refer to the setup documentation for a full working example, if needed.