Appium Testing on Sauce Labs

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Quickly identify accessibility issues in your iOS or Android applications with Appium testing, now supported on Sauce Labs!

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Deque has partnered with Sauce Labs to bring accessibility testing to your existing testing infrastructure. Add accessibility scans to your Appium tests with axe DevTools Mobile, run your tests on real devices with Sauce Labs, then check out the results in our online axe DevTools Mobile dashboard.

Setup for Accessibility Scans


  • Your tests running against Appium version 2.0 or above
  • API Key for axe DevTools Mobile
  • Use of UiAutomator2 or XCUITest Driver

Sauce Labs has taken care of the Appium server integration for you. To initiate accessibility testing, you'll need to incorporate accessibility scans into your existing Appium tests. Refer to our setup guide, beginning with the section titled "Scan for Accessibility Issues".

Setup for Running Tests on Sauce Labs


Required Capabilities:

Name Type Description
app String The location of the app under test. Example for an uploaded app: storage:filename=axe-devtools-ios-sample-app.ipa
sauce:options Object Details on Sauce Labs account and configuration options.

sauce:options Object

Name Type Description
username String Sauce Labs Username
accessKey String Sauce Labs Access Key
build String An identifier for your test run, displayed in Sauce Labs Dashboard
name String Your test name
deviceOrientation String Set to: PORTRAIT

Lastly, update your driver URL to connect to Sauce Labs! Example: self.driver = webdriver.Remote('', options=options)

Helpful references:

Run Your Tests

Now you can run your appium tests on Sauce Labs and scan for accessibility. Check out your accessibility results on the axe DevTools Mobile dashboard at

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