How to Update axe DevTools Mobile for Appium

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Stay up to date with the latest version for comprehensive accessibility testing for applications.

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It's important to regularly update axe DevTools Mobile for Appium to ensure you have the latest rules and features. It does not automatically update, so be sure to periodically check for a new version. Releases are communicated via email and the release notes page.

If you are just getting started with axe DevTools Mobile for Appium, head over to the setup guide.

How to Check the Version You're Using

If you're using the Appium Plugin locally, open a terminal window and type in appium plugin list. This command lists the available plugins along with the version number. Example: - axeDevToolsMobile@2.0.0 [installed (npm)] indicates I've installed the 2.0.0 version.

If using the plugin in a continuous integration / deployment setting, check the scripts and change the version to install if desired.

If using the plugin with one of our Cloud Provider partners, please contact them to see about the current version installed and plans to update.

Update to the Latest Version

When using the Appium Plugin locally, or if your CICD instance does not start fresh each time, you'll want to uninstall the current version:

appium plugin uninstall axeDevToolsMobile

A fresh install of the plugin will grab the newest version. Install the plugin to your Appium instance through the command line:

appium plugin install --source=npm @axe-devtools/appium-plugin