Mobile Export Format Types

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Mobile scans can be exported in one of two formats—Mobile JSON or axe Universal JSON.

Which format should I use?

Mobile JSON

The Mobile JSON format includes all of the information captured at the time of the scan, including the accessibility testing results, the entire mobile view hierarchy, and a screenshot.

Use the Mobile JSON format:

  • When working with the Deque Help Desk
  • If you want to import the scan into the Mobile Dashboard

axe Universal JSON

The axe Universal JSON format conforms to a standard format used by all axe products. It contains the accessibility testing results, but does not include a screenshot or the mobile view hierarchy.

Use the axe Universal JSON format:

  • When you want to import the mobile accessibility results into another Deque product, such as axe Auditor
  • When you want to programmatically aggregate accessibility results from multiple axe products using a consistent output from each product