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Known Issues

Known issues are captured within the release section.

Reporting a Bug

If you are experiencing a crash or other unexpected behavior, please send a request to or at with the following information:

  1. The behavior you experienced
  2. Steps to replicate this behavior
  3. Framework version - For iOS include framework name
  4. The targeted version of your application
  5. The IDE & version you are using
  6. If you are seeing an odd result, please export the scan and include the json file as well.

Within the iOS frameworks, set axe?.debugStatements = true (with axe referring to the AxeDevTools object) before scanning and replicating the issue with this configuration.

For the Android framework, debug statements are automatically on.

In your email to the helpdesk, copy/paste the debug information that appears in the console. This will help us resolve the issue quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our axe DevTools Mobile Frequently Asked Questions article where you can comment or submit a ticket for further help.