Getting Started

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Quickly identify accessibility issues in your iOS application.

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The axe DevTools for iOS SDK integrates seamlessly into your existing UI Tests with XCTest. We provide all the data for your team so that you can enable the processes that work for you. Want to ensure there are no critical issues before enabling a pull request to be merged? You can do that. Want to generate a scoped report of the accessibility issues of an automated test run on a branch, maybe a release candidate branch? You can do that. We even have an optimized automation variant for a more robust test run without network dependencies.

Results sent to the dashboard can be viewed in the axe DevTools Mobile dashboard.

Sample Application

Download our sample application on GitHub. Add your Deque credentials and follow the README to get started running scans right away. This application is inaccessible to showcase the axe DevTools Mobile implementation steps and its issue detection.

Setup Your Automated Tests

Set up your automated tests to scan for accessibility issues. Select the guide that best suits your needs: