User Roles

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Authorization Levels

Axe Reports provides two authorization levels which are independent of the authorization levels in any other product (axe Monitor or axe DevTools) and apply only to axe Reports

  • User

  • Administrator

The User Role

Users with this role can view the outcome reports and charts. They are able to interact, drill down, and roll up through the dimensions of specific projects/scripts.

axe Monitor

If your users have an account in axe Monitor they:

  • have read-only access to the outcome reports and charts. They can interact, drill-down and roll-up through the dimensions of specific projects.

  • be able to see all the detail and consolidated data in the project. Different projects can roll up into different organizations.

Note: There is not a separate permissions structure in axe Reports. Your axe Report users can see all of the report data you've configured in your projects and organizations.

All axe Monitor users (System Administrators, Org Admins, Project Admins, Project Members) have the User role.

axe DevTools HTML

Users need to be explicitly added to axe Reports for Axe DevTools HTML (in cases where axe Monitor-based access is not available). This can be accomplished by requesting access through

The Administrator Role

The Administrator has the additional ability to configure axe Monitor Projects, or axe DevTools HTML Scripts to be included in the executive reports. They are also able to specify where these projects/scripts appears in their organizational hierarchy, by configuring Dimensions. Administrators have access and can work with both Outcome and Usage Reports.

Administrators are configured during deployment of the system. They can also be added later by requesting administrator access through