Welcome to axe Reports

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Axe Reports has been built to help organizations that build and support web properties track changes in accessibility(a11y) of their properties over a period of time. This allows them to easily provide a "bird's eye view" of how their organization is performing, and also easily gain actionable insights to improve the state of a11y of the digital properties.

Axe Reports focuses on aggregate metric reporting and trending, and providing:

  • The best way to visualize data from Deque products. This includes both outcomes accessibility(a11y) and usage data.

  • The ability to roll-up and drill down based on customers' organizational structure or needs.

Important Notes

Users such as content creators, designers, developers and project managers can all take advantage to ensure accessibility throughout the workflow of their constantly changing websites.

Axe Reports is not geared towards users looking for specific issue details. The following scenarios are not the ideal use cases for axe Reports:

  • Developers looking to track individual issues from unit tests.

  • Axe Reports as a defect tracking and assignment system (eg JIRA replacement).