Rule Impact Levels

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Learn more about the end-user impact behind issues found in your scans.

Critical - Level 3

Issues with impact level 3 result in severe barriers for individuals with disabilities. Users relying on Assistive Technology will experience frustration when attempting to access the content. Some content will be inaccessible, making the organization vulnerable to legal action.


  • The issue hinders successful use of the application

Serious - Level 2

This issue results in some barriers for individuals with disabilities but would not prevent them from accessing fundamental elements or content. Serious issues may make the organization vulnerable to legal action.


  • Address issues once critical issues are taken care of first

Moderate - Level 1

A moderate issue yields less impact for users than a serious issue. While the end-user will appreciate a fix, it doesn't necessarily impact their ability to use or interact with the application.

Minor - Level 0

Minor issues may indicate bugs that are difficult to reproduce or occur intermittently. Consider fixing if a low-risk solution is identified.