Setup for Cloud

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Access, share, and collaborate data across your enterprise.

Opening Firewalls

axe DevTools Mobile will need HTTPS Access to the following servers

  • Delivers HTML and Javascript
  • Central database server
  • Authentication server

Verify you have access to the server by running curl in a terminal window.

Cloud Deployment Diagram

  1. axe scan results sent via HTTPS communication to axe DevTools Mobile Service.
  2. axe scan results delivered to axe DevTools Mobile Dashboard via HTTPS.

diagram of cloud deployment of axe DevTools Mobile

Private Cloud

Ask your Deque representitive about a dedicated axe DevTools Mobile Server for your organization.

With a private cloud, you'll have dedicated URLs to access the dashboard and back-end service. If applicable, add both URLs and to your enterprise's firewall.

Setup from the Frameworks

While features and capabilities are the same for the iOS and Android libraries, how you will connect to your private cloud is different. Follow the getting started guides for iOS and Android. Connect to your private instance using the snippets below:


Set up a ConnectionConfig and pass it to a connect function.

val config = ConnectionConfig("axe", "", "https://<YOUR_BACKEND_URL>.com")
axe?.connect(BuildConfig.AXE_DEVTOOLS_APIKEY, config)


Pass the backend URL to a login function.

AxeDevTools.login(withAPIKey: "<DEQUE_APIKEY>", toServer: "https://<YOUR_BACKEND_URL>.com")