Experimental Rules

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Experimental rules should be considered beta results. If you see or suspect wrongful results, we'd love to hear about them. You can follow the applicable steps for reporting a bug. Be sure to export the result and attach the JSON file.

To ignore experimental rules from the framework side, utilize the ignore rule feature within Android and iOS.

Applicable rules are marked as experimental in the dashboard with a different styling.

Screenshot of the axe DevTools Mobile dashboard where it displays a non-experimental rule with a navy background, and an experimental rule (under an experimental heading) with a white background.

Filter Experimental Rules

Want to ignore experimental rule results across your organization? You can toggle seeing these results for iOS and/or Android within the Settings dialog. Access the dialog by selecting your email in the top right corner, then Settings in the dropdown.

All views will capture issues regardless of whether they are visible in the dashboard.


This feature is only available to admin users as it affects issue reporting for the entire organization. Users can view the settings but cannot edit them. Reach out to your Deque representative to request admin privileges for required users.

Screenshot of the Settings dialog with the Experimental Rules section highlighted on the right side of the dialog.