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Looking for something? Check out the below resources to get started. You can also visit us at for knowledge articles, other product support and more.

Known Issues

Known issues are captured within the release section.

Reporting a Bug

If you are experiencing a crash or other unexpected behavior, please send a request to or at with the following information:

  1. The behavior you experienced
  2. Steps to replicate this behavior
  3. Framework version - For iOS include framework name
  4. The targeted version of your application
  5. The IDE & version you are using
  6. If you are seeing an odd result, please export the scan and include the json file as well.

Within the iOS frameworks, set axe?.debugStatements = true (with axe referring to the AxeDevTools object) before scanning and replicating the issue with this configuration.

For the Android framework, debug statements are automatically on.

In your email to the helpdesk, copy/paste the debug information that appears in the console. This will help us resolve the issue quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing errors when trying to connect to the server?

Many enterprises will have a firewall setup. When running through a device that is behind this type of network configuration, you're likely to experience some network errors or failures. You can verify this by deploying your application embedded with our framework, or run your tests, on a device that is using cellular or any other network configuration. Please utilize our guide for opening firewalls to resolve this issue.

What are "Read-only" users?

With the July 2021 release, Deque introduced the concept of an authenticated user who has the ability to only view issues and remediation advice. This new type of user is useful if your testing is done by a QA or Accessibility group and you create tickets from a URL of the issues found. That URL contains everything required for a new user to securely view the details and remediation advice of the issue. New users may sign up with the mobile server which will allow them Read-Only access.

How do you prevent unauthorized users from viewing my issues?

When we set up the Read-Only feature, you provide a list of email domains that must match the user logging in. If the user logging in does not match that domain, they cannot get access. For example, at Deque, we would configure '' to be the only valid email domain. If a user tried to sign up, they would be blocked because their email domain is not

Why am I seeing many false positives in axe DevTools iOS?

When testing with axeDevTools UIKit, the accessibility layer does not load by default, so certain accessibility properties cannot be detected by axe DevTools iOS. Opening Accessibility Inspector loads the accessibility layer on Simulators. On a device, please turn on VoiceOver to load the accessibility layer. The iOS Rules & Remediation page specifically calls out rules that require the layer to be on at the time of scan.

Note: the accessibility layer is not required for axeDevToolsXCUI

What development frameworks does axe DevTools Mobile support?

axeDevTools Mobile's automated testing frameworks test against native iOS, native Android, as well as React Native applications. For other platform support, ask your Deque representative about our available solutions for your tech stack.

Can axe DevTools Mobile test the WebViews or PDFs in a mobile application?

No, axe DevTools Mobile is not able to detect accessibility issues in WebViews because the content rendered is HTML. WebView content can however be tested using axe DevTools HTML, or axe Montior. To learn more, please speak with a Deque representative.

How can axe DevTools Mobile help our team find accessibility issues before production?

axe DevTools Mobile is compatible with the top mobile testing frameworks offering seamless accessibility testing within your current testing and CI/CD environment. By automating your accessibility testing, the build can be failed (should you choose) when major issues are found and the team can be notified right away. Check out the Getting Started Guides for iOS and Android as well as the Advanced Automation sections for full examples.