What's New in 1.7

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  • Japanese Translation

    Axe Reports now supports Japanese translation.

Bug Fixes

  • If uploading of scans from axe Monitor to axe Reports failed, axe Reports did not display a message that the data uploaded is incomplete. This is now fixed, and now in case an upload does fail, axe Reports does not display partial or incorrect data for that upload.
  • A few screens such as the Add New Project screen had content overlap or a horizontal scroll bar would appear when the size of the screen was zoomed to 200 %.
  • The Scanned Reports page displayed an incorrect number of scanned items (25) although the default number of items to be displayed on page load is 10. - The page also showed a "No Data Found" error until the Items to Show dropdown was changed.
  • Editing the script name and making it blank did not throw up an error as expected.
  • No success message was being displayed on successfully creating a project or script.
  • Multiple accessibility issues fixed.
  • In the Issue by period page, clicking on the Month column table chart displayed an unexpected error message. This is now fixed, and displays the related files/data of the respective month.
  • No error message was being displayed when a user edited a Project's display name to have no characters. The user was allowed to progress through the user flow and save the project. This is now fixed, and the display name must have at least one character.
  • Certain times, adding a new script did not display the success message properly.
  • At times, when the user updated organization details in the Manage Org page, an incorrect error, "Unsuccessful in updating organization, please try again" was displayed.
  • Trying to sort the Usage by Month data table and then drill down using the bar chart threw up an error, instead of displaying the "month_wise_scan_count_by_product" table to the user.
  • Changing the value in the Show Dropdown menu from the second page onwards in the Score Trend page displayed an empty table even when there were results to be displayed.
  • Uploading a new script displayed an error message even after successfully uploading the script and displaying it in the Scripts table.
  • Filtering of projects was not working, and displaying all projects after the user deleted a filtered project from the list. This is now fixed, and when the user deletes a filtered project, the filtered list displays projects based on the criteria.

Known Issues

  • On the Issues by Category chart, if the number of rows is large (greater than 15), sometimes the x-axis labels get hidden. They become visible if the screen is resized.
  • Some special characters, like # and ‘ cause issues during the CSV exports even when it is exported in the utf8 format, causing the CSV file to break. These characters are currently removed when found during the CSV export process.
  • When an organization administrator deletes a scan or a project/script after applying some filters, the screen refreshes and shows the filter still applied with table showing all data (irrespective of shown filters).

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Highcharts upgraded from 10.2 to 10.3.

Browser/Driver Support

  • Axe Reports has been tested and is supported on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.