What's New in 1.6

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  • Axe DevTools HTML API connection with axe Reports

    Axe Reports admins can update the results of an axe DevTools HTML API test or a CLI script in axe Reports when the test is run (instead of a manual upload). This requires configuration of an api-key. Instructions for appropriate configuration can be found here.

  • Usage Report Not Enabled Page

    Axe Reports admins are now informed if usage reporting is not enabled when you navigate to the usage reporting sections. (These options are only available to axe Reports administrators).

Bug Fixes

  • In some situations, when the difference in score is very low (less than 0.1%), the KPI card for Accessibility Score shows the actual change in score but the previous and current score may be the same because they are rounded to a single decimal place.
  • For a new customer, when there is no data in the system, an incorrect message was displayed. The system now displays the correct message (if there is no data in the system, or if the initial configuration has not been completed).

Known Issues

  • On the Issues by Category chart, if the number of rows is large (greater than 15), sometimes the x-axis labels get hidden. They become visible if the screen is resized.
  • Some special characters, like # and ' cause issues during the CSV exports even when it is exported in the utf8 format, causing the CSV file to break. These characters are currently removed when found during the CSV export process.
  • When an organization administrator deletes a scan or a project/script after applying some filters, the screen refreshes and shows the filter still applied with table showing all data (irrespective of shown filters).

Browser/Driver Support

  • Axe Reports has been tested and is supported on latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.