What's New for Release 7.2

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What's New

  • Adding, Editing, and Deleting Scope Definitions
    You can now add, edit, and delete scope definitions in axe Monitor using the Scope Definitions Settings page for a project.

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  • Access Change Announcements
    Axe Monitor version 7.2 now allows System Administrators access to all organizations/projects/scans within the system.

  • PDF/UA Testing Notice
    When testing with PDF/UA ruleset, PDF documents are tested with both WCAG and PDF/UA rules. In some instances, these can cause similar issues reported twice (once under WCAG, and once under PDF/UA).

Bug Fixes

  • The source URL field in the Page Details page sometimes appears incorrectly for HTML and PDF URLs.
  • The server was utilizing high memory at times because of certain PDF documents being scanned.
  • Users were at times unable to set up scans as the scans were rejected for having invalid domain names in the URL.
  • Certain pages would report an incorrect media type and either become excluded from the scan incorrectly, or save scan results when the page should have been excluded.
  • System administrators were unable to delete a user having an association with an organization and a project. Trying to scan a page where the URL contained the pipe (|) character failed.
  • At times, creating a scan with only the PDF option enabled resulted in Error code:002.
  • A Gateway timeout exception was encountered at times when scans started and the system tried to fetch custom rules. Sometimes a bulk issue update resulted in only the first issue updated.
  • Multiple accessibility improvements.
  • Organization creation was taking longer than usual due to an email exception.
  • Trying to upload a scan on axe Reports with the flag, "waiting for approval" was not getting uploaded to axe Reports.
  • Creating a PDF-only scan was intermittently including non-PDF files in the result.

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Axe-core version upgraded to 4.4.3: This release could reduce the number of violations reported and it could increase the number of incomplete items reported. We've tweaked a few remediation messages of rules for greater consistency and clarity. Role presentation and role none are now allowed on the HTML nav element. The aria-hidden-focusable rule now returns reports incomplete instead of a violation if the element has the onfocus attribute.
  • Unsupported axe-core versions limited: Some versions of axe-core are no longer supported. Scans using these rulesets will continue to function normally, however users are no longer able to create scans with these specific axe-core versions.

Future Release Announcements

  • With v7.3, multiple scans within a single project will not be supported any more. If a project has more than one scan, only the latest scan will be retained.

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • axe-core version 4.5 added.

Deprecation Announcements

The following features have been deprecated:

  • Script recording in axe Expert extension is now deprecated.
  • Scope definition in axe Expert extension is now deprecated. Axe Monitor® allows the scope definitions to be added and updated within the axe Monitor interface.
  • Axe Monitor® does not support MySQL 5.7 and SQL Server 2012 and have been dropped from the supported databases list.

Known Issues

  • If a user logs directly into the new experimental view (using bookmarked link, for example), and then tries to navigate to the classic view, an authentication error is displayed.
    Workaround: Refreshing the screen removes the error message and displays appropriate data.
  • Full access for System administrators is not available in the experimental view. This access will be added in an upcoming version.