What's New for Release 7.4

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What's New

Experimental View

New Issues Screen

The Experimental View in axe Monitor now includes a new Issues Page. This dedicated page serves as a convenient platform to comprehensively review, comprehend, and resolve accessibility issues that are identified during completed scan runs.

Note: You can only select those completed scan runs that have issues identified.

issues page exp

viewing issues exp

New Pages Screen

The new page in axe Monitor®, Pages furnishes an all-encompassing perspective of pages that have been effectively scanned by axe Monitor®, as well as those manually added. This new page showcases Pages in alignment with your chosen completed scan runs.

Note: You can only select those completed scan runs that have pages identified.

viewing pages exp

Filtering Issues

The Issues Filter functionality has been added to the Issues page to help you refine the issues you wish to review accurately. The filter options encompass a variety of parameters, such as URL, impact, severity, tag type, status, and creation date, etc. enabling you to tailor your issue viewing process according to your specific preferences.

filtering issues exp

filtering issues exp1

Filtering Pages

The new Pages Filter feature has been added to enable you to streamline your page viewing by precisely targeting the pages of interest. The filter options encompass a range of criteria, including URL, Page Status, Page Health, Page Title, Issue Group, Issue Description, Script, and Show Pages. Additionally, you have the flexibility to filter pages based on whether they are labeled as Needs Review**,** providing a thorough control.

filtering pages exp

filtering pages exp1

Scan List Page Enhancement

The Scan List page now incorporates enhanced functionalities that empower the user to optimize the page browsing experience by accurately honing in on specific pages of interest. When the user clicks on the issue count within the Critical, Serious, and Moderate categories, the user is automatically directed to the Issues screen after applying the appropriate filters, showcasing the exact issues constituting the indicated Issue Count.


Scan Overview Page Enhancement

Enhancements have been made to the Scan Overview Page, providing the user with additional tools to refine their page viewing experience by focusing on specific pages of interest. These new features include diverse filter options such as Issue Group, Page Group, Issues categorized by Impact (Critical, Serious, Major, Minor, Total), Needs Review, and Run Page Count, where clicking on the issue or page count automatically directs to the Issues or Pages screen after applying the appropriate filters, showcasing the exact issues/pages constituting the indicated Issue or Page Count.

scan overview page exp1

Classic View

Future Announcement

Important Note: Starting from version 7.5 of axe Monitor, no additional features will be implemented in the 'Classic View.' Support will be provided only for addressing critical bugs and security vulnerabilities.

New feature development will continue in what is presently referred to as the 'Experimental View' as part of the preparations for the v8.0 release, expected in the first quarter of 2024. It's important to note that with the release of v8.0, the 'Classic View' will be discontinued and removed from axe Monitor.

New Integrated Guided Test Issue Field

An addition has been made to the Issues page, the Integrated Guided Test Issue Field. This field serves to denote whether an issue is linked to an Integrated Guided Test (IGT) and was uploaded from axe DevTools. It displays "Yes" when the condition is met.

issue details 74

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple A11Y bugs were fixed.
  • Scanning multiple pages using spec files exhibits a “FAILED" status Instead of displaying "COMPLETED”, even though the results are already generated for those pages.
  • In cases where the scanned URL from the CLI reflects a URL alteration made through JavaScript, bypassing the proxy, axe Monitor at times does not process the issues correctly. For example, a few instances have been identified on docs.deque.com where pages either yield a failed outcome due to the inability to locate the status code, or are excluded as a result of a "found" metadata map entry associated with the scanned URL with a status code of 301 and a content type of application/xml. This is now fixed, and the expected behavior of the Start page being successfully scanned is working.
  • Scanning websites containing multiple issue groups and lengthy URLs lead to report upload failures attributed to a "Too large body" error. This is now fixed, and pages are being successfully uploaded to reports.
  • When a scan had 1 million issues or more, attempts to perform actions like project deletion, scan/spider job deletion, or scan re-running did not function as intended.
  • When trying to obtain scan overviews from the summaryReport API, it's essential for the scan to have been completed within the specified date range, leading to confusion at times when scans were finished before the specified date range and no scan data being returned.  This is now fixed, and the latest scan results are being displayed if the scan is not completed with the date range.
  • In the Classic view, axe Monitor was experiencing a limitation where the uploading of issues was not supported for all available axe-core versions available with the organization. This has now been fixed.
  • Setting a greater number of start URLs than the specified page limit led to a reduction in the number of saved pages. For example, initiating a scan with 10 start URLs while setting the Page Limit to 5 resulted in only 5 pages being saved, rather than the expected 10.
  • Within the Classic view, there was an issue with the accurate calculation of the A11y score in the Organization Dashboard.
  • In the Classic view, utilizing the "Uniqueness by Content" option during page scans resulted in scans becoming stuck or unresponsive.
  • In the Classic view, attempting to export uploaded IGT issues using the Issues page was not working as expected.

Infrastructure Announcements

  • Axe core upgraded to 4.7.1

 Deprecation Announcement

  • Support for axe Monitor installs on RedHat 7.x support will be dropped at the end of 2023.

Known Issues

  • If a scan is triggered in ‘headful’ mode (chromedriver setting headless:false), PDF documents are sometimes not scanned by axe Monitor. This is a browser behavior issue where Google Chrome opens the PDF document as a web page in the browser PDF viewer.

    Workaround: Upgrade to Chrome and Chromedriver to the latest version. Upgrade the axe DevTools CLI to 4.6+. Contact Deque HelpDesk for support. 

  • If a user logs directly into the new experimental view (using bookmarked link, for example), and then tries to navigate to the classic view, an authentication error is displayed. 

    Workaround: Refreshing the screen removes the error message and displays appropriate data.

Platform Support Matrix

The following matrix describes the operating system and database combinations on which axe Monitor is actively tested and best supported.

Axe Monitor Version Operating System Database
v7.4.0 Rocky Linux 8, Windows 2016, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x MySQL 8.0, MS SQL Server 2019, MS SQL Server 2016