Usage Service

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Learn about your teams' usage and metrics through the axe DevTools Usage Service. The linked documentation provides more insight into this service if you're just getting started.

Disabled by default, you must opt in by providing your Deque provided Organization ID during authentication to start collecting usage data.

Opt In

With API Key

axe = try? AxeDevTools.login(withAPIKey: "<DEQUE_APIKEY>", organization: "<ORG_ID>")

With Username and Password

axe = try? axeDevTools.login(withUsername: "<DEQUE_USERNAME>", andPassword: "<DEQUE_PASSWORD>", organization:"<ORG_ID>")

Captured Data

When interacting with the Usage Service through axe DevTools Mobile, you can expect the below data sent for login or scanning events:

Key Description
productName axe-devtools-mobile
event Which event took place: Login or Scan.
organization Your Deque provided Organization ID.
productComponent XCUI
productComponentVersion Version number of the axe DevTools Mobile library.
distinctId Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
userId Email address of the person initiating the event.
dateTime Time stamp of the event.