Calculate A Score

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axe DevTools Mobile provides data in the result object that can help track your accessibility progress over time. Below we'll highlight how to calculate an accessibility score from a scan in iOS and Android. This score will provide a metric of how accessibility is going in your application. Or, use these data points to develop a health metric that works for your team!

The Algorithm

At the core, we recommend using the same algorithm you may have seen in some of our other products but with a mobile spin (we don't use the term pages). We encourage your team to modify the below algorithm to work for you!

Scan results are filtered by impact: Critical, Serious, Moderate, or Minor. Note: if working with legacy data, you may also see the deprecated 'Blocker' impact.

Utilize the result object to grab the following data points:

  • p2 = number of Critical and Serious issues
  • p1 = number of Moderate issues
  • p0 = number of Minor issues
  • total = number of total issues

( 0.4 * p2 + 0.8 * p1 + p0 ) / total

In other words, 40% is given for issues that are Critical or Serious, 80% is given for Moderate issues, and 100% for any Minor issues.

You may also choose to weight the score as shown in the mobile dashboard by: 500 + (score * 500.0)


From the result object, here's some sample code for pulling out the counts of each impact level:

let critical = result.failures.filter { $0.impact == .CRITICAL }.count
let serious = result.failures.filter { $0.impact == .SERIOUS }.count
let moderate = result.failures.filter { $0.impact == .MODERATE }.count
let minor = result.failures.filter { $0.impact == .MINOR }.count


From the result object, here's some sample code for pulling out the counts of each impact level:

val minorImpactCount = AtomicInteger(0)
val blockerCount = AtomicInteger(0)
val criticalCount = AtomicInteger(0)
val moderateCount = AtomicInteger(0)
val serious = AtomicInteger(0)

result?.axeResult?.axeRuleResults?.forEach {
    when (it.impact) {
        AxeImpact.MINOR.value -> minorImpactCount.incrementAndGet()
        AxeImpact.BLOCKER.value -> blockerCount.incrementAndGet()
        AxeImpact.CRITICAL.value -> criticalCount.incrementAndGet()
        AxeImpact.MODERATE.value -> moderateCount.incrementAndGet()
        AxeImpact.SERIOUS.value -> serious.incrementAndGet()
        else -> {}