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axe DevTools Linter allows you to check your code for accessibility issues (similarly to how a code linter checks for coding issues). axe DevTools Linter is easy to configure and use, and it can check React (.js, .jsx, and .tsx), Vue (.vue), Angular (.component.html), HTML (.html and .htm), and Markdown (.md and .markdown) files so you can avoid common accessibility defects.


Checking inline Angular templates is not currently supported.

There are two editions of axe DevTools Linter:

  • The first, axe DevTools Linter Software as a Service (SaaS), is a cloud-based service provided by Deque. It's referred to as axe DevTools Linter SaaS in this documentation when it's required to distinguish it from the other edition of axe DevTools Linter.
  • The second, axe DevTools Linter On-Premises Server is a server you can install on a Linux machine to provide accessibility linting services in your organization. It requires no authentication to use, so it is only suitable for use behind a firewall.

In this section of the documentation, you'll find the following:

Obtaining an axe DevTools Linter SaaS API Key shows you how you can obtain a key to allow you access to Deque's cloud-based axe DevTools Linter SaaS.


If you use the software-as-a-service version, axe DevTools Linter SaaS, you don't have to set up a server and can begin using axe DevTools Linter services immediately. You only need an API key to start using its services.

Downloading the axe DevTools Linter Connector gives you information about how to obtain axe DevTools Linter Connector, which is described in the documentation for the axe DevTools Linter Connector.

Accessibility Rules lists all of the rules that axe DevTools Linter checks when it lints your code for accessibility issues. Each rule is linked to more details on Deque University.

The sections following this one include:

Installation and Security contains articles that tell you how to install the on-premises server and encrypt its traffic using NGINX as a reverse proxy.

Using axe DevTools Linter shows various ways you can use axe DevTools Linter to check code against Deque's accessibility rules and how to integrate it with Jenkins, GitHub, and SonarQube.

Developing with the REST APIs describes how to access axe DevTools Linter programmatically using its REST interface.